Image, sound, input.

BBQScreen is the first app to show your phone's screen on your computer between 30 and 60 images per second, with sound, and remote control (keyboard and mouse).
(on Android 4.3 and above, keyboard control on Windows only)


Open the app, turn it on.
Open the client app, double-click the device.
You're done.


Our client app runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
(and soon Chromecast and Raspberry Pi)

Showcase your app. Spread the word.

Show how your app works, show your content, all of this in real-time. Whether you want to show what you've done to your client, your teacher, or a friend, don't make them look at your tiny phone's screen, show it on your bigger PC screen or a videoprojector (not provided).

With remote control. Use your keyboard and your mouse.

Type your texts on your computer, click and drag the screen with your mouse.

Landscape or portrait?

Landscape tablet, or portrait phone, it just works, and rotates automatically according to your device's orientation. Clean and simple.

Now with audio. Hear about it.

Since BBQScreen 2.2 (and Android 4.3/4.4), you can now hear audio alongside video (in DVD quality).